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Do you need to find a good chord progression for that bridge? Or perhaps you require a simple drum pattern to play along with? Numerous songwriting tools are there that can assist the songwriters. Well, this blog is all about the best songwriting tools that a songwriter can use.

LANDR’s collaboration tools.

You can share private links to your demo or mastered track using LANDR’s collaboration tools.
To help you improve your song, solicit feedback from friends or collaborators. To refer to specific sections, such as a bridge or chorus, use timestamps. Begin a project and keep track of all your versions with critiques in one easy-to-access location- Jack Hanson. It’s ideal for gathering feedback and collaborating on a work in progress.

Rhyme Zone

Rhyme Zone is a rhyming dictionary that also includes features for finding synonyms, antonyms, similar-sounding words, and other information. It’s a songwriter’s dream for locating the final missing word in a lyric. The rhyming section contains a list of all possible rhymes and near rhymes with varying syllable counts. You can even limit words by meter or display the frequency with which a word appears in English texts.


HumOn is a songwriting app for iOS and Android that creates a song and score based on a hummed melody. It algorithmically generates various styles such as R&B, Classical, and others, transforming a simple sung vocal into a full-fledged song. Your songs can even be shared on social media. Perfect for: quickly, easily, and anywhere hammering out a simple melodic idea- Jack Hanson.


Bandlab is a free digital audio workstation that can be accessed via a browser or an app. It’s a great alternative to other straightforward DAWs like Garageband or Audacity. Because of its portability, you can record from your phone or demo on the go.


Audiotool is a free full-featured production suite that runs in your browser. Drag a few virtual instruments and effects pedals onto the screen to get started on your next hip-hop or electronic track. Because Audiotool simulates analog-style production, you must connect your instruments and pedals using virtual input and output cables.

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