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Many people in the music business are following illusory aspirations. They will seek the cultural glory of securing placements for prominent artists indefinitely, but the reality of the songwriter grind is that most writers will never have the opportunity to work
The freelance songwriting hustle is cognitively, emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting according to Jack Hanson.

If you’re serious about making your ambitions a reality, you’ll have to give up friends, family, love relationships, vacations, partying, and most other parts of your daily life. Many people feel they are not “genuine” songwriters because they do not earn money from their songs, do not play them live, do not record them, or do not create songs for a living.

There are short songs, lengthy songs, pop songs, rock songs, songs with lyrics, and songs without words. Songwriting is a fundamentally human endeavor. If you have honed the skills required to compose songs, you are a songwriter- Jack Hanson.

Finish the Songs You’ve Written

Having a bunch of half-finished tunes that you enjoy is one of the most depressing aspects of composing. Nobody wants to hear a half-finished song. The only thing you can do with a half-completed song is finished it. If a song is unfinished, you can rewrite it, record it, share it, or just finish it later.

While it is true that there will be moments when you are unable to continue, it is equally true that it is impractical to think that you will never become stuck in the songwriting process. Being trapped might be viewed as essentially a mental state. If you force yourself to finish the song, you will have the resources necessary to come up with something new.

Write in a variety of settings

It’s nice to be writing in the same genre as someone else. Many songwriters have a comfortable and familiar place where they feel most at ease composing. Being dependent on something might make it more difficult for certain people to remain resilient when faced with life’s obstacles. You will never be able to remain in the ideal songwriting place. You will constantly be somewhere on the range between being joyful and being unhappy, or between having clarity and uncertainty. You must continue to compose tunes.

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