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Songwriting provides musicians with numerous advantages that have nothing to do with money or critical acclaim. It’s an endless pursuit because we can always write better and better music, and it’s a fantastic resource for helping us understand ourselves and others. We hear a lot about songwriting being good therapy in music, but it’s important to understand what that really means. Here are five ways that musicians can benefit from writing music:

Assists with emotional processing

Making music allows us to express ourselves and process our emotions. This is because writing music without feeling and emotion is nearly impossible––at least if you want to write songs that other people want to hear. The difficult emotional labor that goes into songwriting pays off handsomely for musicians. It enables us to be more attentive in our relationships and more empathetic in our worldview. Consider it an emotional awareness training benefit that you would not be able to obtain work at a traditional job- Jack Hanson.

Connects you to the excitement of creating something new

It is not necessary for something to be complicated in order for it to be therapeutic. One of the most rewarding aspects of writing music is that it reconnects us with the simple joy of creating something new. Whether your songs are heard by millions or just you, you are creating something new, which is incredibly special and exciting, but more importantly, it is hopeful. Every time we start a new project, we hope to create something meaningful and honest. Every song is another opportunity for us to connect with people through our art, which is both exciting and rewarding. If you’ve ever become dissatisfied with your musical abilities, remember that not everyone feels the same way.

It alleviates your and your listeners’ pain

Songwriting is something that can help you and your listeners feel better. With the help of great music, countless people have survived breakups, deaths, job losses, and other adversities. But writing music also helps us deal with our own pain. Songwriting is truly a gift when it comes to coping with pain and disappointment because it allows us to tell our stories, confront our emotions, and pour our energy into the hope of creating something new. If you can’t seem to
escape pain in your life, enduring it through music creation is one of the best things you can do.

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